Crushed Concrete

Crushing involves reducing hard and dry materials to pieces of different sizes, including crushed concrete, stones, rocks and minerals. With the right equipment, it is possible to take materials and transform them into different substances which are essential as building materials for various purposes.

Our company and our quarry are equipped with efficient machinery that allows us to produce materials quickly and in accordance with different requirements. We are able to easily and precisely make modifications to the products in production, to the specifications of our customers’ needs.

Available Products Including Crushed Concrete:

  • Screening 5-0mm
  • 0-20mm All material
  • 0-56mm All material
  • 0-20mm Municipal
  • 0-56mm Municipal
  • MG20 MTQ
  • MG56 MTQ
  • 5-10mm net
  • 10-14mm net
  • 14-20mm net
  • 10-20mm net
  • 10-20mm DB
  • 0-20mm All material
  • 0-20mm Municipal DB

Discover AEP-DB, our Ecological Proximity Aggregate

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High Quality Products

It is also important for us to ensure that we offer you a safe, high-quality product that meets industry standards; this is why we follow an increased verification methodology to ensure the quality of all our products, so that our customers are satisfied.

Whether it is new material or material to be recycled, we are able to take your deposits of earth, rocks and minerals, and transform them into new materials ready to be used in construction sites, paving or new constructions.

Crushed Recycled Materials

We are proud to be able to offer you a large inventory of new materials and high quality crushed recycled materials. Our modern equipment allows us to revitalize stone of all sizes, but also asphalt, blasted rock, sand, gravel, brick and earth. In addition, we can do the crushing directly.

Contact us today to learn more about our raw material processing and recycling methods, our prices, and our additional solutions.